ZoneMinder On The Go...
New in v1.4! eyeZm HD 1.4 introduces the first iPad-app for your ZoneMinder setup. eyeZm HD offers the same features as the iPhone app, but adds improvements such as a streamlined interface for navigating monitors and events, event-thumbnails and portrait/landscape viewing.

eyeZm and eyeZm HD are being offered at a low early-adopter rate on iTunes app-store today. v2.0 already will include UI-updates and PTZ support, where a (very) small price increase will go in effect.

Don't know what ZoneMinder is? ZoneMinder is a fully open and community-supported monitoring system with support for hundreds of camera types. Highly configurable and optimized, it is the ideal solution for those looking to setup their own monitoring system with just a PC and a few cameras! Visit for more info.

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Enterprise Customers
Geared towards enterprise applications, eyeZm is easily customizable if you have special requirements. Please contact us so we can help you out.